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Skin Remedy Salve

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The name says it all!!! 

This salve has been repeatedly reported to be one of the most highly effective products in aiding with a wide variety of skin issues. In no specific order the list of issues include:

  • eczema, (includes babies),
  • psoriasis (even on the scalp), 
  • rashes of all types anywhere on the body,
  • burns (of varying degrees, even on the tongue), it takes the burn out much more quickly, though putting it under cold water first is advised, and healing takes place more rapidly with no scarring,
  • itchiness (takes the itch out of most bug bites almost immediately)
  • canker sores
  • wounds, lacerations, punctures
The combination of herbs are among Nature's best and one of the best parts is they can all be found in our own backyards here in Ontario. Or if not in your own that at a neighbour's! 
The combination with all the other ingredients give the salve anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties to name only a few. They are stimulating, cell-renewing, rejuvenating, and help to re-establish the physiological balance of the skin.
Price: 120 ml  (4 oz)  $21.99
          60 ml  (2 oz)  $13.99
          30 ml  (1 oz)   $7
Application: Apply to clean skin. Can be used topically anywhere on the body the issue lies. It is safe for all ages. There may at times be a very minimal sting to certain conditions upon first usage, this does not need to cause alarm.
If you do have sensitivities or allergies a patch test is always a good idea.

I was looking to replace another natural moisturizer I was using for my dry skin, particularly the heels of my feet. I applied your Skin Remedy Salve at night and by morning it left my soles soft and smooth that lasted the whole day. I also used it on my younger daughter's knees which were covered in small bumps and were itchy for over a week. After just one application there was improvement...and within 3 days her knees were completely smooth! I was impressed. I then tried it on my older daughter's forehead where she has psoriasis and it significantly improved after two applications. I am very pleased with not having to use a prescription of hydrocortisone on my daughter's skin. I love the diversity of the Skin Remedy Salve and that it serves as a multi-purpose skin aid.
Kelly Binder

I'm in construction and get a lot of cuts and burns. So one day my girlfriend said "try this skin remedy salve" and I said "ya right." So I thought I'd be a smart guy and only use it on one hand to prove a point. After a couple days the hand I used the salve on was almost healed and the other hand was still red and irritated. Thx Earth and Skin,
Brian C, London, Ont