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ShamPooch & Hounditioner

Dogs have a very sensitive sense of smell so its important not to dowse them with have synthetic products which is why our ShamPooch and Hounditioner are made with essential oils that won't disturb their breathing while also helping to deter fleas and tics.

  • pH balanced for their skin's good health
  • Relieves dry and itchy skin, flakes and dander
  • Restores natural skin oils and moisture which aids in healing wounds and/or removing itch 
  • Leaves coat manageable, smelling natural, feeling silky and imparts a well-kempt shine. 
  • No soap residue, which is often the culprit of canine itching
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Natural woody-smell which doesn't interrupt breathing 
  • Price: 250 ml $13.99
                    60 ml $5.99
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Handmade in London, Ontario, Canada