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If you shouldn't eat it, your skin shouldn't either


Good for paws and wounds.

Winter can be brutal for dog's paws, and de-icers are at the top of the list of culprits. They are also harmful internally if your dog licks his paws and ingests the chemicals.

But there is help: 

Applying Pawtastic on the paws before a walk helps to provide a barrier.

After the walk, its a good idea to wash the paws with a warm cloth to remove any chemicals that remained, so as not to ingest them through licking and re-apply the salve to aid in any irritation dryness. Note for post-walk application, its a good idea to have them lay down for a few minutes to allow for absorption. 

Price: 60 ml tin $13.99 (2 oz)

Treating minor wounds with Pawtastic

To avoid infection first clean the skin and surrounding area with an antiseptic solution and clear away any debris. 

Then apply Pawtastic which is completely natural and safe even if ingested. 

Keep an eye, if your pet is licking it off, you may want frequent applications especially in the beginning. But dont worry, the taste isn't "that" yummy as to tasting like a treat. Though, as we know, dogs love to lick! 

Tips for paw care to avoid ice balls and chemical absorption:

Keep the nails trimmed so as not to cause the paw to splay out and make it more likely that snow and ice will accumulate between the paw pads.

Trim the hair on the inner pads so it is even with the pad, especially if they have a lot of feathering. This hair can retain the de-icing salts and provide a sticking of ice and snow. It also makes it easier to apply the salve.

One more suggestion, do not let your dog eat slush or drink from puddles near treated roads, sidewalks or lane ways.