Earth and Skin Company

If you shouldn't eat it, your skin shouldn't either

All Natural Sun Protection

Protection from both UVA and UVB rays.

People are often surprised that they can be protected naturally. 

Though of course Mother Nature has it covered! 

Hemp Seed oil, Shea butter and Coconut oil all have their own natural sun protection factors plus they are super nutritious for your skin. 

Zinc oxide is a natural mineral that greatly increases this lotion's sun protecting value.

We are not permitted to say an actual SPF at this time as it needs to be tested by Health Canada in order to do so, Though, that hasn't mattered to all the golfers, beach goers and moms that have put their trust in us and have enjoyed our product.

Price:  250 ml (8 oz)  $15.99

Application: Safe on all areas being exposed to the sun. Reapply after getting wet

There are a number of controversies about the effectiveness of commercial sunscreens as a protection from skin cancer, especially those with a high SPF factor. While burning is not healthy, exposure to the sun is and it gives our body the necessary nutrients of vitamin D, not to mention it lifts our spirits and is just plain wonderfully fun to play in.  

Plants have developed their own UVR protection and because of that their extracts provide us with their benefits. 
Zinc Oxide provides protection against the full UVA and UVB range; it covers from 290 to 380 nm. In fact, it is the only sun filtering agent that delivers such broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays.

Green Tea and Cucumber peel extracts provide anti-oxidants, vitamins and a calming and cooling to the skin.

Don't Bite Me  

And the answer is "yes" it really does work.

We were excited to see this past spring and summer how well word had gotten out as to the effectiveness of our bug spray when we kept selling out at all the festivals from people who had used it the previous year. Better yet, they told their friends too!!

There are a plethora of plants, cold pressed into essential oils that go into this spray to cover a wide variety of pests. 

Price: 250 ml (8 oz) $13.99