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Muscle, Joint & Bruise Salve

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This salve has been reported to us on countless occasions of its effectiveness to relieve pain and help with bruising.

It can be used anywhere you feel chronic pain without worry that it may be harmful.

Muscle Joint & Bruise Salve contains anti-inflammatory, strengthening, stimulating and regenerating oils to soothe sore muscles, joints, arthritic pain, carpal tunnel, sprains and strains. It reduces swelling from bumps, bruises and other minor injuries.

In feedback it has also been effective for relief with fibromyalgia, and charlie horses when applied before bedtime.

Application: Apply once or twice daily, possibly more often in the beginning where ever you are experiencing the issue.

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Price:  120 ml (4 oz)   $21.99

           60 ml (2 oz)   $13.99

The muscle, joint and bruise salve saved the day when I had a wedding to go to. I was banged between a cow and a fence, I knew the bruise was going to be bad and then remembered the salve. I applied it right away?and then no bruise came!! So?I looked fab for the wedding!
Terri Barr, Exeter, Ont