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Quotes Just wanted to let you know; I came down to London a few weeks ago and bought all of the items I wanted from Cards Plus, and I adore them all! I'll be buying more of your products, both for myself, and to share with friends Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to make contact to comment on your Rosemary and Mint Conditioner. I was very pleased to find this product recently as I had once had an experience with a conditioner that had mint in it. I had found the mint very invigorating and the smell enjoyable. Upon using your product I can say that I'm very happy with it. My scalp felt excellent and the smell is lovely. Even better after rinsing I did not have to use any other product. No detangler, no leave in conditioner or hair shine product. Your conditioner is excellent and I want to purchase it for all my family members and friends. The thought of being able to use just this product and skip the other hair products is fantastic. Not only from a financial perspective but for the health of my hair. Congrats and keep going. I look forward to trying more of your products and continuing with the Rosemary Mint Conditioner. Quotes

Quotes I love Holy Heat! Muscle Rub & Decongestant Salve Eucalyptus & Camphor. I bought them at a Farmer's Market in Port Elgin Quotes
Megan O'Connor

Quotes Awesome products! Thank you! Quotes

Quotes I have thick Italian hair that has a mind of its own and most products act like glue in it. Your conditioner actually rinses clean and makes my hair manageable but not overprocessed. I'm a wash and go girl! I'd rather have no conditioner than anything else but yours. Some kind of magic, I guess. Quotes
Michelle Dunn

Quotes I just wanted to say how much I love love your Bottoms Up Baby Balm. I am a first time Mom with sensitive skin so I was concerned about products to use for my little girl and I don't believe in putting chemicals or perfume on anyone's skin. I have used it for 4 months now and my daughter has been teething so she gets little raw spots that only last a day when using your product. I ran out and it took a few days to get to the store and I was only using some coconut oil.....her bum was red and irritated for the two days as soon as I put the Bottoms Up salve on with in a few bum changes her bottom was clear again. So you have saved the day for this first time Mom and I am sure you help to make my little girl more comfortable everyday. I now give this to all my friends for their babies.Chi Miigwetch/Big Thank you Quotes
Amanda Myers

Quotes My baby girl's eczema used to have her up three, four, sometimes five times a night. She'd be cranky, itchy and uncomfortable, and I'd be cranky because I was not getting enough sleep. When I decided to give Skin Remedy Salve a shot I wasn't sure if it would work, but I was hopeful. What I got in return was something of a miracle! My little one's skin improved drastically! It became softer, smoother, and a whooole lot less itchy! Needless to say my baby girl is sleeping through the night again and I'm a very happy mummy! Thank you Barb for helping to restore order to my nights! Quotes

Quotes You probably hear this a lot, but I wanted to tell you how amazing the Muscle, Joint & Bruise Salve is. I put it on my wrist as soon as I got to my car, cause it was killing me, and before I got home it was starting to feel better. It's been about an hour now since I left you, and the pain is practically gone. WOW! You've just made a new customer out of me! Thank you so much. Quotes

Quotes I just wanted to send a quick email to say how much I love your product! The muscle bruise and joint salve had done wonders with my joint pain! I'm a 19 y/o server with chronic knee pain and your product is really helping me! Quotes
Kat Prato

Quotes I love the 2 products I got last fall at the Grand Bend Craft show. I hope your business is going well as you have amazing products. Quotes
Pat Bender
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