Earth and Skin Company

If you shouldn't eat it, your skin shouldn't either

How Earth and Skin came to be:

The Earth and Skin Company came to be simply through falling in love with nature. The founder, Barbara Jaques had been studying Shamanic Psychotherapy in 2008 when the school came to an abrupt close.

In school she found her love of native traditions which then lead her to study native plants. After months of research, self study and acclaimed herbal courses she launched her product line.

"What many find interesting is that it was my love of plants and all their healing abilities that lead me to making skin products. It wasn't until doing research that I became aware of the fact that commercial skin care products are loaded with nasty chemicals."  

Barb has dedicated herself since to the creation of products to be as natural as possible and educating people on why it is so important.

We welcome you to browse the products and learn all there is to know on how to nourish yourself and your family.

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