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Why Go All-Natural?

Health is the first reason of course!!  

By supporting natural products, you are also saying "no" to the corporations that develop products that contain harsh and poisonous ingredients/chemicals that have been proven to hurt us, our eco-system and our waters.

What's not in our products!

      Why they're not!

No Sulfates lauryl or laureth

Suspected carcinogen linked to kidney and liver damage; nervous system disruption; damage to eyes leading to cataracts; eczema and dermatitis, known to inflame skin layers

No Parabens or


Used as a germicide and preservative. Reported that it can result in hormone disruption, skin rashes and is estrogenic (mimics natural estrogens that leads to cancer)

No Formaldehyde

Used as a disinfectant, germicide, fungicide, defoamer, preservative, cheap and mixes easily with water. Reported to be a carcinogen, causes allergic reactions and contact dermatitis, headaches, irritates mucous membranes, damaging to eyes, linked to joint and chest pain, depression, fatigue, immune dysfunction

No Propylene or Butylene Glycol

Used as a cheap substitute for glycerine. Reported to be linked to possible brain, liver, and kidney abnormalities, respiratory and throat irritation, central nervous system depression, pulmonary oedema, hypoglycaemia, skin rashes and dermatitis, neuro-toxin that weakens protein and cellular structure.

No dea, mea,tea (diathanolamine, amonoethanolamine, triethanolamine

Used as an emulsifier, pH adjuster, preservative, foaming agent added to coconut oils. Reported as a hormone disrupter, carcinogen, linked to liver and kidney cancer; irritant to hair and skin, corrosive to eyes, causes contact dermatitis; reacts with other chemicals to form carcinogenic nitrosamine.

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